• The 2 biggest misconceptions about investing are that (a) it is an activity best reserved for the rich and (b) it is a means to get rich quick.


  • IBM and Maersk’s joint venture is struggling to attract shipping carriers due to concerns over who ultimately owns the IP for the blockchain network

The emergence of Bitcoin has allowed us to imagine a future in which thousands of cryptocurrencies that each serve a unique purpose will exist. In this future, people will be free to exchange digital currencies as seamlessly as one can exchange information over the Internet today.

Blockhain.io (BCIO) is a…

As the challenge of Blockchain scalability continues to handicap cryptocurrencies ascension to mainstream adoption, an industry wide arms race has been launched to produce a distributed ledger capable of achieving faster transaction speeds without compromising security or decentralization. …

Toju Ometoruwa

Writer & Researcher focused on exploring ways in which Blockchain technology and decentralized governance can help create a more prosperous society.

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